Rideshare exchange for Ende Gelände launched!

Are you still looking for passengers or a ride to Ende Gelände?
Then this is the right place for you! 🙂

It’s about to start!

Have you read what you should pack? Have you found an affinity group? Have you printed out the legal aid brochure as the travel booklet…

Then check quickly whether a bus is starting near you and if it’s too late to organize one yourself one and you don’t want to travel by bike, then maybe you need the rideshare exchange.

More information here!


Failure of the government requires civil disobedience ++ Blockades planned in the Lusatian coal district

26. September 2019 Following the publication of the federal government's „climate package“, the action alliance Ende Gelände announces a mass action of civil disobedience in the Lusatian coal mining area. Thousands of people will block coal infrastructure with their bodies on the weekend of 29 November to 1 December 2019. Ende Gelände thus protests against the total failure of the Federal Government in climate policy. The alliance demands an immediate exit from coal and a fundamental system change. Continue reading ...

Who shut shit down? We shut shit down!

12. July 2019 The action weekend of Ende Gelände (EG) from June 19th until 24th, 2019 was a weekend of superlatives. For 45 hours, the coal supply to the Neurath power station was blocked. 2,000 activists occupied the open pit mine of Garzweiler. 5,000 to 6,000 people brought the struggle for climate justice to the places of destruction – the Rhenish coal mining district – in a massive act of civil disobedience. Continue reading ...