Legal Matters

Lusatia is located both in Brandenburg and in Saxony, so that different laws can come into effect. In terms of content there are few relevant differences for us. We have listed the most important ones here:
  • In Saxony it is possible to detain people for up to 72 hours to find out their ID. In Brandenburg up to 12 hours.
  • The new police law in Brandenburg (in force since 03-2019) could give the police the idea to look superficially into the trunk and car. For a thorough search it needs, however, always a search warrant!
  • Saxony has its own assembly law (SächsVersG), while Brandenburg has taken over the federal assembly law (VersammlG). The laws are however contentwise the same. Don’t be confused by the different terms.

In the legal aid brochure for actions in Brandenburg (PDF, updated 10-2019) you will find detailed information on the topics:

  • Forms of actions and their legal base
  • Personal identification and ID refusal
  • Police measures
  • After the action
  • Information regarding the right of residence
  • Under 18 and in action

3.) What does a legal team do?

You find an important overview here: PDF (english)

4.) ID refusal

Here, you find the Ende Gelände stance on ID refusal: PDF (english)

5.) Under 18 and in action

Information on “Under 18 and in action”: PDF (englisch)

6.) Travel advice

Tips for travelling to the action: PDF (english)

7.) Confiscated stuff

antiRRR document: help – the police stole my stuff!

8.) Anti-Repression Workshop

Relieve support structures, strengthen affinity group work and responsibility before the action: download documents for the AntiRepression Workshop: Download documents for the antirepression workshop (german)!

9.) Contact the Legal Team (PGP-Key)

Enjoy the action and take care!