Affinity Groups

How do I find my affinity group?

1. Ask people you know: who is travelling to Ende Gelaende? Which ideas do they have about the action? Maybe they coincide with yours!
Visit meetings in your town to form affinity groups or organise such a meeting yourself!

2.At affinity group meetings, people come together who want to travel to Ende Gelaende but don’t know yet know with whom they want to go. You can exchange ideas, hopes and fears and then get an idea about which people could form an affinity group.

3. Go to a meeting to form affinity groups in the arrival cities (Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig)
Before the action there will be an opportunity to get to know people for an affinity group. Find out when and where these take place in your city!

Here you’ll find a check list for affinity groups.
Print the list and examine all points within your affinity group before you go off to the action!