Accommodation platform @ Rhineland 2019

Different, specific information about the Lusatia Action in the autumn 2019 will little by little be summarized here.

The information below was compiled for the Rhineland Action in the summer 2019 and can
not always be applied 1 to 1 the Lusatia Action in the autumn 2019.

What is it about?

If you need a place to stay for the action days from 19 – 24 June or already in the days before, our Accommodation platform will be happy to help you.

How does it work?

People in the Rhineland and the surrounding area offer private sleeping accommodations on our Accommodation platform. You can search there for offers and get in direct contact with the people! If there is currently no suitable offer, you can submit a request yourself, so that locals can write to you and invite you. You can also search for sleeping places for several people (e.g. your affinity group) at once.

Here you can find all the places that come into question:

  • Neuss
  • Mönchengladbach
  • Köln
  • Düsseldorf
  • Krefeld
  • Leverkusen Mitte
  • Bonn
  • Aachen
  • Essen
  • Wuppertal
  • Duisburg

Keep in mind:

Please be prepared to spend perhaps one night in a big tent during the Ende Gelände action days in order to be as flexible as possible. It is important to bring your own sleeping bag, mattress and warm enough clothes. Sleeping bag and sleeping mat are also necessary for most of the other accommodation options.

What is it about?

Support the climate justice movement by providing your couch, living room, a little floor, a place for a tent in your backyard or any free corner for our guests in June for the Ende Gelände action. Please use our our Accommodation platform. If all your sleeping places are taken, it is important that you delete your offer, so that the Accommodation platform remains clear. Thank you 🙂

There you can enter your offers and also respond to requests yourself. Please share this call in the social media and tell your friends about this action! We want all guests to find a good place. THANK YOU for your help!

The time to act is now. Droughts, heat waves, floods – we have known it for a long time. The climate crisis is already a destructive reality for people all over the world – especially in the global South. And yet we are supposed to burn another 20 years of coal here? We’re not going to be put off with that. We are no longer watching how politics and corporations destroy our future. That is why thousands of people are coming to the Rhineland from 19 to 24 June to give a clear signal of climate justice in manifold ways.The climate movement is growing and it is international. That is why we expect many newcomers who also have to sleep somewhere. As always, it is still unclear whether there will be a camp. We would like to organise relaxed, simple sleeping accommodations for the arriving activists, where they can stay during the weekend.

Are you using couchsurfing? – We can’t yet estimate how many sleeping places will be arranged via the accommodation platform and we probably won’t have any gyms or similar options available. Therefore use all possibilities, e.g. also “couchsurfing“, especially if you already have an account there! You might find a place to stay and do some more mobilisation for the action at the same time! 🙂 Here are a few examples of a title line you could use:

  • Highly motivated climate savers are looking for accommodation during the Ende Gelände action from June 19 – 24
  • Make your contribution to the fight for climate justice: host climate activists during the Ende Gelände action from June 19 – 24
  • Support the coal exit: We need accommodation during the Ende Gelände action from June 19 – 24 !

We see each other in the Rhineland!

PS: Opening your own apartment for others is great and offers the opportunity to get to know exciting people – at the same time we can keep in mind that we are becoming more and more interesting as a movement for surveillance organs … so just make sure you put very private things etc. in a drawer.