Get involved – Lusatia 2019

Dear Ende Gelände activists and potential supporters,

Our second action in 2019 is approaching – soon we will meet in Lusatia! Our working groups are working at full speed, mobilisations are underway in the arrival cities – but it needs more than that in order for the action to be successful.

There are a wide variety of pending tasks. Handing out material to activists or supervising the information points are only some of the ways you can be a part of Ende Gelände – whether you want to go into the direct action or not. In order to get an impression of what needs to be done, we have compiled a list with short descriptions of the individual task areas.

Besides the tasks listed below, there is still a lot of room for spontaneous and creative ideas and contributions. There will also be a lot of jobs that will come up during and after the action days for which we need people to be available on-site and at short notice.

Try to arrive ahead of time; be assured that there will be more than enough important tasks outside of the action itself; think about whether you can stay on for a few days longer and check the info points on a regularly basis.

In order to allow for a smooth coordination we implemented a participation form. We invite you to register here:

We appreciate that you would still like to sign up to support our local working groups – unfortunately this participation tool is now closed 😉

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need your support anymore but unfortunately, we can no longer coordinate new entries or promise to contact you personally.

So please stay updated and follow our newsfeed! In the cities of Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin there will be meeting points, so you can simply go there and we will find a task for your together. Please also follow us on Twitter to get the latest information and calls!

Don’t know where to go and how to get there? Check out /en/getting-there-lusatia-2019/


For getting involved in the arrival cities we also ask you to use the participation form above. Still, in special cases please feel free to get in touch with the respective local groups directly:

Dresden: (PGP-Key)

For getting involved with the action logistics team write us an e-mail: (PGP-Key)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
The Ende Gelände Action Logistics crew

Assembly leaders

If you feel like holding or supporting a vigil, think about whether you could also take the role of formally leading the assembly. This means that you will interact with the police under your real name. Interested parties will of course receive more detailed information and an introduction to the task.


There is a huge demand for transporting things from A to B – people and materials – before, during and after the action. For this, drivers are always sent out in pairs. If you can imagine taking a shift as a driver, let us know whether you can also drive a truck or a car with a trailer.

Handing out materials

Thousands of white overalls, dust masks, golden rescue blankets – the famous Ende Gelände equipment has to be issued to the activists prior to the action. This requires people to take shifts in overseeing the distribution of materials.

Kitchen helpers

You want to lovingly pamper thousands of activists? Then your place is in the kitchen – because no activists wants to head into action on an empty stomach. Peeling potatoes, chopping up vegetables or swinging the casserole – the kitchen has many different tasks to offer.

Shuttle bus support

In order to ensure move about within the mining region, we will be using shuttle buses to get from A to B. In order to ensure a smooth communication with the bus coordination team during these transport rides, we need people equipped with mobile phones to accompany the bus driver as a contact person. Ideally you can bring your own mobile phone and have a knack for entertaining the bus driver.

If you are interested in accompanying the shuttle bus, please contact: (PGP-Key).

Tasks that are not on the list

Keep an eye open for people needing support or for open tasks. At the info point you will find an updated lists of tasks that need to be done – either in form of a shift plan or at short notice!

Hey ho, let’s go – Ende Gelände!