Press release 23 October 2018

23. October 2018 Ende Gelände starts setting up the camp ++ No court decision on location of protest camp yet ++ Thousands expected to block coal infrastructure

Press release 20 October 2018

22. October 2018 No agreement on the location of the Ende Gelände protest camp ++ Lawsuit against police decision planned ++ Thousands on their way to coal blockades in the Rhineland

Press invitation October 16, 2018

16. October 2018 Thousands expected to block operations at Hambach mine (Oct 25-29) + Public action training and media briefing on 26 Oct 2018 + Special train from Prague

Press Release, 6 Oct 2018

6. October 2018 Thousands of people in the forest with Ende Gelände + Red Line against coal mining + Spaces for further occupation opened

Press Release, September 28, 2018

28. September 2018 Eviction of Hambach Forest occupation coming to an end + Activists call out for mass actions of civil disobedience in October 6 + 25-29, 2018

Press Release September 6, 2018

6. September 2018 German coal company RWE attacks tree houses in Hambach forest +++ Ende Gelände calls for civil disobedience to save the forest and the climate +++ press conference today at 3 pm in Buir (near Cologne)

Press Release August 28, 2018

28. August 2018 Hundreds block gas infrastructure in Groningen + Ende Gelände activists form part of the Dutch mass action of civil disobedience + European action against fossil fuels and for climate justice

Press Invitation August 10, 2018

10. August 2018 Code Rood calls for mass actions of civil disobedience against gas in Groningen (NL), on August 28, 2018 ++ „Immediate phase out of fossil fuels only way to prevent hot-house climate“

Press Release July 2, 2018

2. July 2018 Hundreds of people blocking open-cast coal mine in Northern Bohemia ++ Ende Gelände at Czech mass action for climate jutice

Press Release April 26, 2018

26. April 2018 Energy company RWE is blocking energy transition +++ Ende Gelände demands climate justice +++ call for mass action of civil disobedience to protect Hambach forest