Press Release 16 June, 2019

16. June 2019 Action camp by Ende Gelände will be set up today in Viersen from 2pm on ++ Court rules camp site legal ++ Thousands on their way to coal protests in the Rhineland coalfield + Reminder press conference and public action training


11. June 2019 Thousands expected for climate protests in Rhineland coalfield + Massive disobedience to confront failed German climate policy + Public action training and press briefing on 20 June 2019

Press Release, 6 May 2019

6. May 2019 Mass action of civil disobedience announced +++ Rhineland mining area to be shut down +++ joint action weekend from June 19th-24th

Presse release, 1 February 2019

1. February 2019 Climate activist block roads and bridges in Berlin, demanding immediate coal exit ++ Germany’s plan to exit coal by 2038 will miss Paris Agreement climate targets ++

Press Release 27 Oct 2018

27. October 2018 6,500 activists block mining operations in the Rhineland coalfield ++ Largest action of civil disobedience of the German climate movement

Press Release 25 October 2018

25. October 2018 Ende Gelände sets up protest camp in Stepprath for 4,000 activists +++ First camp was evicted last night +++ Public action training on Friday, October 26, 11.30am